The Moral Duty to Disobey Unfair Laws

The Moral Duty to Disobey Unfair Laws

 ” I am annoyed.”

” A very unfortunate day in America … “

” History will evaluate this judgment roughly.”

” God, give us knowledge and nerve for this hour.” These were just a few of the preliminary responses of our group as the ill-conceived restriction on particular Arabic-speaking nations was supported by the United States Supreme Court, an inadequately structured policy that speaks not of America first, but of empathy last. The choice to promote President Donald Trump’s callous Muslim restriction will be kept in mind in history along with other cases where the greatest court in the land stopped working deeply and shamefully to provide justice, like Dred Scott when SCOTUS rejected citizenship to anybody of African descent and Korematsu when SCOTUS supported internment of Japanese Americans throughout WWII.

Here’s what occurred.

President Trump has actually made disparaging remarks about the Muslim neighborhood and his administration enacted prejudiced policy based particularly on spiritual association. The Supreme Court cannot find discrimination and the policy was considered constitutional. Yet the intent of this most recent Muslim restriction is the exact same as the previous restrictions– to stay out people from Muslim-majority nations. It’s an overtly prejudiced order that flagrantly breaches America’s longstanding, values-driven dedication to serve due to the color of their skin, the language they speak, or how they hope. The Muslim restriction weakens our values and deteriorates the ethical fiber upon which our country stands.

The Trump administration will be pushed to continue policies that enact ruthlessness, bigotry, and xenophobia versus households at the border and our airports. The Supreme Court knocked our country’s doors on desperate refugees from locations like war-torn Syria and Yemen who are looking for security from violence, persecution, and hunger. It has actually knocked our country’s doors on reunifying households. The Supreme Court is incorrect. Possibly as incorrect is the message this judgment sends out to our international next-door neighbors. When U.S. law states that it is great to disintegrate households, purge people groups and let them pass away based upon worry of “the other,” this is the message: U.S. law only appreciates some– not all. This is not a democracy. We are not who we say we are. America will victimize whole groups of people based upon their faith.